S/V Nomadness Webcam and Tracker

Live from the Nomadic Research Labs research vessel...

Status updated July 11, 2012 at 13:30 Pacific:
The image below is from the Axis 210 camera aboard Nomadness, and is updated every 10 seconds.  I haven't done anything clever with the script to deal with the event of catching it in the midst of a file transfer, so if you see only a partial image, please wait a few seconds and hit reload. Subsequent automatic refreshes should then be synchronized with uploads from the camera.

I'm also running a location tracker via ham radio APRS, which displays my location in real time on a Google map... with all the usual controls for zoom, pan, satellite view, etcetera. You can choose to open the Tracker in a new window if you like. Please do not hit reload for updates on either... they happen automatically. (Issue #10 of the Nomadness Report discusses the various tools for accomplishing this, and Issue #11 has webcam details.) If you look at the map below and see a canoe icon on land instead of a sailboat on water, it means that the most recent updates were received from a tracker mounted in my truck. Neither should be construed as my present location unless the time stamp indicates that the data is recent; for my own privacy as well as minimizing channel congestion, I don't have them turned on unless there's a good reason.

Also, I have an AIS receiving station (SR162, J-pole, and Linux box running aisdispatcher) set up to stream data about nearby vessels to the Marine Traffic server... here is a real-time view of boats currently transmitting AIS data in my home waters.