Monday, November 01, 2004


Yikes, these are strange times. More divisiveness over the upcoming "election," a strange sense of foreboding in the air. Jeannie took the next 3 days off work, and we're hanging out, dabbling at projects around house/lab, and nesting... just wishing it was over. As always, I'm resisting the temptation to pass along the plethora of interesting links that reflect my feelings; twice lately, I've ended up in a pointless email battle with friends or ex-friends, firing forwarded political ammo back and forth with increasing rancor until both of us conclude, sadly, that it's hopeless and that the other is an idiot. Have you ever seen the country so sharply split? Maybe it's because the media has been bombarding us for the last four years with a cartoon-simplistic, black & white, good-versus-evil world view?

I just want this to end, and hopefully well. I wish I were more optimistic.

Anyway. Sales since last update: An autographed copy of The Mechanical Design Process - $19.00 to Chula Vista, California; Paul Horn's Nomad CD - $6.00 to Fairbanks, Alaska; and a Technomadic Designs Paddlebag to Boaz, Alabama. Small pleasures, I know, but we cling to them for their familiarity and nickels. A few random potential deals of more consequence are also afoot, but it really does seem like the whole world is on hold at the moment.

Tuesday we're volunteering to monitor a local polling site, though mercifully we don't have those newfangled touchscreen machines here on the island. Other than that, the plan is to finish up the installation of flashing and corner blockage to keep the rodents out of the lab, which is prerequisite to the new insulation that's becoming more and more urgent as the season turns.


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