Friday, September 23, 2005

Cybertronics and Other Antiquities

I'm trying desperately to get out of this old house in Kentucky and back to the Pacific Northwest, where, in addition to Shacktopus, there's a boat in my immediate future. I'm stuck in a time warp here...

A relic from the past just turned up in family archives: I published this catalog 30 years ago, during the heyday of my fledgling company called Cybertronics (I should have hung onto that trademark and grabbed the domain name when I had the chance!). The origins of my "Wordy" moniker are clear here; one of my customers sent me an 11x17 piece of paper with that monster sentence fully diagrammed, along with the scrawled note: "By God, it actually works!"

<creak> Yes, those were the days. On page 14, you could buy an Intel 8080 for only $50, and 2102 1Kx1 static RAMs were only $2.50 each! Let's see... if I have my math right, that means the 1 Gig of 32-bit RAM in this iMac G5 would cost just under $84 million if implemented in 2102 chips, not including packaging hardware. It would be slower too. And really hot.


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