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"Art without engineering is dreaming; engineering without art is calculating."  --SKR

Bubba the kayak

Bubba  the kayak
(with location tracking and solar power, 2003-2006)
This is the playground of Steven Roberts, N4RVE, who skipped out of midwest suburbia in 1983 aboard a "computerized recumbent bicycle" and never looked back. Linked from this page are adventure tales, philosophical maunderings, bloggage, system designs, technical resources, and how-to material covering a huge range of topics. Timeline above references article archives, or click the face:

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Content on this site has been accumulating for 25 years, and little treasures are salted away in subdirectories and subdomains that may not be obvious... the search box at the bottom of this page should cover it.  The most recent updates are usually at the Nomadness blog.

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Microship Expedition
(amphibian pedal/solar/sail micro-trimaran, 1992-2002)

The 44-foot steel sailing vessel "Nomadness"

S/V Nomadness
(open-ended global voyaging, 2011 and beyond
There is now a Boat Hacking store for design packages, eBook versions of the Nomadness Report, NRL surplus, and more.
I have two active blogs:  Nomadness chronicles development of the new ship, and the Anarchivist is a growing library of scanned print media and other material.
There is fun stuff in the Microship General Store on eBay, and we also have mugs and shirtskayak paddle bags, slings for kayak stands, and Winnebiko II posters.
Our Expedition Medical Chests for the marine environment are now shipping, and there is an associated wound-care blog. Articles and Resources - how-to material, geek info, story archives, other projects, and more... 
Gonzo Engineering - a manifesto.  Rhapsodies on related themes include The Heart of Nomadness and The Other Woman.
Nomadness Report back issues are available. Speaking & writing portfolio -- as well as media coverage and a list of sponsors There is a webcam and tracker on Nomadness, intermittently active.
Some history of technomads is available here.  The timeline tool above references the Technomadic Archives. E-mail Steve

front page of Nomadness Report issue #1

The Nomadness Report

This is no longer being produced, but the all 22 issues have been compiled into an eBook.

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