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(the photo is my living room back in Ohio in 1983, just before leaving on my bicycle adventure. Fortunately, I don't have this many books now.)

As we prepare to make the long-awaited move to full-time voyaging in our Technomadic Flotilla, tonnage reduction is becoming critical. I have a good-sized library that spans much of my own adult life as well as some from the old family home, and subject matter is all over the map (including a lot of technical and nautical titles, as you might expect).

I do have stores on Amazon, eBay, and (as well as my own online store for geek goodies)... but selling hundreds of books that way is a long and tedious process. At the other extreme, I don't care much for used book stores that offer a pittance for a box of treasures. So I decided to create this online list and then point to it from my TwitterFaceBlog pages - giving my friends and readers first shot.

Shipping will be actual-cost media rate added to the total, so once you have decided on what you would like, please email me with the list.  I'll package them for travel, weigh the box (or poly bubble mailer if it's just one smallish book), and send you the total for payment by Paypal or check. You may find occasional books marked FREE; those can be thrown in if you are buying one or more that have a price tag. Pricing reflects the low range of market value, along with my subjective sense based on condition, quality, rarity, size, relevance, autographs, impact on my life, overall aesthetics, and current mood. My intent here is not so much to maximize cash flow as to minimize tonnage, though of course I want to recover a few bucks from what amounts to a sizeable life-long investment. All income from these books is going straight to boat parts that fuel our next expedition, and each thing that leaves is one less anchor holding us back.  (I sometimes check on Amazon to see what books go for, but please bear in mind that all used books there have a $3.99 or greater shipping charge, not combinable.)

This page will change frequently as books are listed and sold; the version date above will always reflect the latest edit.

There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing loved-but-dormant books find a new life with friends, so I hope there's something here that you'll find useful or interesting!  I have a long way to go with this list, so please check back frequently. When books are claimed, their status is shown as "Taken," then they are deleted from this page when actually shipped.


Condition & Comments Price
Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, & Randall Schwartz Programming Perl, 2nd edn (covers Perl 5) THE classic, and it's even autographed with a personal note by Randal. I'm only selling this because I have a newer edition on the boat; it's a treasured item in my library, and a memory from my first Geek Cruise. 12.00  
Douglas E. Comer Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol 1 (2nd edn, 1991) Classic and still very relevant - hardcover. I went to a 2-day seminar by Doug at Interop, and bought this book. 11.00  
Michael Santifaller TCP/IP and NFS - Internetorking in a Unix Environment Hardcover, 1991, Addison Wesley. Excellent cond. 3.00  
Bryan Pfaffenberger & Bill Karow HTML 4 Bible, 2nd edn IDG, 2000 - 750-page monster with CDROM 2.75  
Hewlett-Packard DC Power Supply Handbook Ancient (1970) softcover, published as application note 90A, 138 pages. RARE. 9.00  
Jack Spoor, Aham Heat Sink Application Handbook Quite rare 1974 book on getting heat out of electronics. 180 page softcover. 10.00  
Richard Barnett Monitor America 822-page scanner directory - frequencies, codes, maps, and descriptions of public-safety and business radio in the US 3.00  
Donald A. Norman Turn Signals are the Facial Expressions of Automobiles A classic in usability - AUTOGRAPHED in July 1995 to the Microship project (Apple was a major sponsor). 5.00  
Peter Huyck & Nellie KremenakDesign & MemoryA 1980 hardcover (with clean DJ) about the future of computer programming.4.50 
Luecke, Mize, and CarrSemiconductor Memory Design and Application (Texas Instruments)Seminal work from 1973 - hardcover with DJ. 320 pages of details about paleo-RAM.1.50 
LockheedSystem Seminar - Dialog Information RetrievalThis is an historic relic from February, 1981 - from a conference seminar on online searching. WAY before Google, it was a gritty and difficult business. This should go to the author of a book on the history of this era.10.00 
Trimble NavigationGPS - A Guide to the Next UtilityWhen published in 1989, the idea that GPS would be a utility was radical. This 76-page softcover is a clear introduction to the technology, written by Jeff Hurn and signed to me by my sponsor at Trimble during the BEHEMOTH era.4.00 

Nautical & Adventure

Condition & Comments Price
Robin Lee GrahamDoveA 16-year-old boy sails his 24-foot sloop around the world to discover adventure and love. Softcover, very good condition.3.00 
Bo KeeleyCatman KeeleySelf-published (GBC bound) collection of tales... pretty obscure book2.00 
Marcus EndicottThe Electronic TravelerDirectory of tourism information resources for the connected nomad. I wrote the Forward of this book, and it is autographed... Marcus is one of the iconic travelers of our age (he wrote the excellent Vagabond Globetrotting). Tech content here is very dated (1994), but it's signed.5.00  
William H. ShellenbergerCruising the ChesapeakeLike new hardcover with dust jacket, subtitled "A gunkholer's guide."  430 pages of details about this intriguing cruising area, published in 1993.10.00 
Claiborne Young5 East Coast Cruising GuidesAll in perfect condition: Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina, Cruising Guide to Western Florida, Cruising Guide to Eastern Florida, Cruising Guide to the Northern Gulf Coast, and Cruising Guide to Coastal South Carolina and Georgia.  10 pounds of solid East Coast reference material... over 2,000 pages. Selling as a set... it will be a while before Nomadness reaches the East Coast, so these should find their way aboard another boat. Here is a photo of these and the Chesapeake book.50.00 
Jan & Bill MoellerThe Intracoastal Waterway - A Cockpit Cruising Handbook (Fourth Edition)The definitive quick-reference guide to the ICW (Norfolk to Miami), arranged by mile marker (to the nearest .1 mile).  152 pages, lay-flat wire binding, a MUST for cruising the Ditch. I'm not going to be over on that side of the US for quite a while, so I'm letting this go... 12.00 
Bernard MagnoulouxTravels with Rosinante5 years' cycling around the world... this fellow is amazing, and makes me look like a lightweight with some of his adventures. This copy is AUTOGRAPHED, and I'm including a couple of his photo postcards. Hardcover, dust jacket, very clean. A must for the library of a bicycle adventurer...12.00 

Nonfiction, Various Topics

Condition & Comments
Michael Arbib
The Metaphorical Brain
Hardcover with dust jacket. I love this book - read it in the '70s, and it was my first real look into artificial intelligence and brain research. A fun and fascinating text.
Ernest W. KentThe Brains of Men and MachinesMy all-time favorite book on brain research, published by Byte Books in 1981. This is an utterly fascinating read, mapping the language of computer science onto then-current work on neuroscience... including neuron modeling, the layered visual system, parallel processing, and more. Seriously, this one is a winner if you're interested in how brains work, even if it is 30 years old. Fun to read, too.15.00 
Eugene Eccli Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient Shelter over 400 page hardcover (with DJ), filled with excellent material on efficient housing (acquisition, optimizing what you have, and building) 4.00  
Betty Oppenheimer The Candlemaker's Companion Complete guide to rolling, pouring, dipping, and decorating your own candles. Softcover, 164 pages, VGC.  14 used copies on Amazon start at $10. 8.00  
Ken Aslet, John Warwick, Jan Bolders Water Gardens Royal Horticulture Society guide (all color, 64 pages) to building informal water gardens. 1.00  
Helen Fling Marionettes - How to Make and Work Them Wonderfully fun book for would-be puppeteers of all ages, a very well illustrated how-to (184-page softcover, excellent cond) 5.00  
Jerry Mason, Editor The Family of Woman In the spirit of the classic Family of Man, this is a powerful collection of photos from all over the world. 192-page hardcover with dust jacket. 20.00  
John Estill Reeves Kentucky Government 1958 booklet (104 pages, saddle-stitched) covering the Commonwealth of KY, constitution, voting, elections, general assembly, governor, administrative agencies, statutory departments, and the courts. Rare... and should find its way home. If you get this, you can have the one just below for free. 12.00  
Businessmen for Better GovernmentA Political Primer76-page GBC-bound booklet on government, starting with national and drilling down to Louisville, with tips on dealing with it. Some water damage (not affecting readability) and a few written notes. FREE 
Leonard W. Cowie The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century Harcover with DJ, clean, 128 pages. The story of a major upheaval in society - including Luther, Calvinism, the Counter-reformation, Protestantism, Henrican Reformation, and Puritanism. Such a bizarre planet we live on... glad I wasn't around then! Fairly rare book. 18.00   
Dave Finnigan The Complete Juggler - All the Steps from Beginner to Professional I can do a basic 3-ball juggle, but this book covers everything in its 550 pages! You can make a living as a street performer if you get through this... not only balls, but clubs and rings, devil sticks, hat manipulation, plate spinning, performance tips, and a lot more. Illustrated on every page. 5.00  
Rustum & Della RoyHonest Sex"A revolutionary sex ethic by and for concerned Christians," according to the subtitle - I can't tell you anything else about it. From the Sycamore Community. Harcover with DJ; copies are $6 and up on Amazon.4.50 
National GeographicTitanic - Collector's EditionsLarge-format (9 x 12) softcover full of excellent color photos and descriptive text.3.00 
Harry C. HelfmanOrigami1960 pamphlet-style 24-page book... I used this as a kid. An April 1962 origami how-to from Pageant is tucked into the front. Rare little gem for paper-folders...3.50 
Scientific AmericanAltered States of AwarenessA 132-page collection of readings, published in 19721.50 
Richter & SchwanPractical Electrical Wiring, 13th editionExcellent reference book based on 1984 NEC standards, covering residential, farm, and industrial power wiring. 680 pages, with dust jacket. 10.00 
Robert A. HaagField Guide of Meteorites (10th edn)60-page magazine-format book from 1992, covering meteorites in detail, including stone and metallurgical analysis. Very interesting, and apparently rare.9.00 
Black Pages, Amsterdam - the RawgideThis underground guide to the coffee shops and other resources of Amsterdam is very rare, and has a funky, streetwise feel. I'm honored to be in the acknowledgments. It's at least 10 years old, so how practical it is in today's scene I do not know.12.00 
George ThornallyHelp, I'm not a Vegetableself-published 80-page autobiography about recovery from polio 2.00 
Utah Travel CouncilUtah, Best of the WestSweet little book (8" square, 40 pages) of Utah photos and captions1.00 
American Iron & Steel InstitureThe Picture Story of Steel (1965)58-page booklet (magazine-size) about transforming iron ore into steel and related products... a relic of America's industrial age. Lots of good photos. 2.00 
Kurt, Mike, and Brett BrungardtThe Complete Book of Butt and Legs290 pages, excellent condition, huge collection of exercises and fitness routines.3.00 
National GeographicGuide to America's Outdoors: Northern Rockiesperfect condition, glossy 288-page travel guide to one of my favorite parts of the world5.00 
National GeographicWindow on America198 glossy pages, hardcover with clean DJ, lots of photos of America's natural beauty3.75 
Drs. Phyllis & Eberhard KronhausenErotic Art - 41 Color Plates, 400 Black & White1969 classic large hardcover with dustjacket, 312 pages, very multicultural. Dedicated to the people of Sweden & Denmark for the openness to host the first international exhibition of erotic art.12.00 
Suzanne BeedellBrasses and Brass Rubbing1973 tight trade paper, 98 pages.2.00 
Peter Collier & David HorowitzThe Kennedys - An American DramaVGC, hardcover with DJ, 575 pages. Some yellowing and mustiness. 5.00 
M.C. EscherThe Graphic Work of M. C. EscherSoftcover edition, 1971, embossed owner stamp (mine) on front page.7.00 
Jerome TuccilleIt Usually Begins with Ayn RandSpecial for my libertarian friends! The book's hero is a political Odysseus, discovering a new direction in middle-of-the-road anarchism after running the gamut of the Right and flirting with the radical Left. Hardcover, DJ, 1971, 192 pages.7.50 
Bernard SteffenSilk ScreenA 30-page how-to booklet from 1963, published by Pitman1.00 
Jane HowardInside Iran: Women's LivesWhat it means to be a woman in Iran today. Very clean hardcover with dust jacket, 2002.5.00 
Anderson & ZornigBuild Your Own Low-Cost HomeAmazing large-format book (11x16, 200 pages). Complete working drawings and specifications for eleven homes suitable for year-round and vacation use, with step-by-step construction info. Great if you're into the small-house movement. Published in 1972, and includes a very cool tubular wood house as well as a round one and some more conventional designs.10.00 


Condition & Comments Price
Bruce Balan Cyber.kdz 5 - In Pursuit of Picasso I have a special connection to this book - I'm one of the characters, and am on the cover with my BEHEMOTH bicycle. This is part of a series of 6 books about the Cyber.kdz, who connect around the world to solve mysteries. Delightfully written fiction for early teen geeks-to-be. One copy is in my permanent media archive, and this is an extra. NEW (I'll sign the copy to your young reader if it you like, and throw in an article or two about the bike). 6.00  
Bruce Balan
AUTOGRAPHED - Beautiful little book, hardcover with dust jacket. A soft and lovely prose poem of the sea, ostensibly for children but enjoyable at any age. Bruce is a friend of mine, excellent story-teller, and experienced voyager; it's hard to sell signed books but I'm moving to a boat!
Gregory Maguire Mirror Mirror from the author of Wicked, perfect condition 2.75  
André Pieryre de MandiarguesThe Girl Beneath the Lionsoftcover, Grove Press, 1958.  Some old smoky/musty smell. Fairly uncommon, judging by Amazon. Quite sexy and evocative for its time.3.00 
William HamiltonMoney Should be FunSomehow painfully wistful, this is a 128-page softcover collection of Hamilton's New Yorker cartoons, published in 1980..50 
AnthologyVampires at Midnight17 tales, including Ray Bradbury, August Derleth, Fritz Leiber, Robert Bloch, Richard Matheson, Bram Stoker, and others... all on the vampire theme. Published in 1970, hardcover with DJ (priced at the bottom end of the eBay range).5.00 


Condition & Comments Price
F. Van Wyck Mason (5 books)
  • Rivers of Glory - 1942, second printing. DJ in great shape.
  • Eagle in the Sky - 1948. DJ wrinkled and repaired with tape along spine.
  • Stars on the Sea - 1940, "3rd impression before publication." DJ separated and frayed.
  • Brimstone Club - 1971. Some DJ tears.
  • The Sea Venture - 1963 paperback.
This batch is from the old family library - my father was a fan in the 40s, and most of these (except the paperback) appear to be first edition. All the hardcovers have my dad's name written on the inside front cover.  All smell musty (it was a smoking household until about 1990), but this is a nice set of originals for a van Wyck Mason collector.

There's a photo of the batch here.
4 Quaker Books
  • Quaker Anecdotes
  • Art and Faith
  • The Life and Message of George Fox
  • The Book of Discipline
From the old Quaker family library come these gems...
  • Quaker Anecdotes - Collected and arranged by Irvin C. Poley and Ruth Verlenden Poley, published by Pendle Hill, 1946. 57 pages of stories of Friendly life.
  • Art and Faith - Fritz Eichenberg, Pendle Hill, 1952. 32 pages including some amazing woodcuts by the author. 3.5-inch tear in right side of cover (not visible in photo).
  • The Life and Message of George Fox by Rufus M. Jones, Macmillan, 1924. This was an address given at Haverford College on May 17 of that year, and the frontspiece is a portrait protected by a tissue paper.
  • The Book of Discipline - Christian Practice Business Procedure, adopted at the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and published in 1927 (hardcover, excellent condition, 127 pages). Includes a presentation letter to my father (Swarthmore) dated 1934.
This group of books lived in a Quaker household through the last century, and should now find its way to a Friendly library. Photo here.  
5 Claiborne Young Cruising Guides(please see the Nautical section above for more detail)East-coast cruising guides, perfect condition.50.00


Condition & Comments Price
Isabel Allende
The Stories of Eva Luna
Very good (brilliant collection of tales)
John Steinbeck Travels with Charley Classic on-the-road tale, a must for any budding traveler. Age-yellowed but good condition 1.00  
Sebastian Junger The Perfect Storm Terrifying tale for a sailor! Bestseller, movie, etc... very good condition 1.00  
John Krakauer Into Thin Air As if I ever needed convincing to never climb Everest! VGC, light spine crease. .85  
John Glennie & Jane Phare The Spirit of Rose-Noelle 119 days adrift in a capsized trimaran off New Zealand. Scary book. VGC .75  
Western Writers of America Water Trails West Quite rare, this is a collection of stories about exploration and development of western waterways. Good stuff for kayakers, canoeists, and those into steamboat lore. Good cond, spine crease, B&W photo insert. 5.00  
Scrabble The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary The 660-page classic reference. Pocket Books, 1978. 3.00  


Condition & Comments Price
Elton Trueblood The Common Ventures of Life 1949 hardcover, Earlham College Quaker history. Gift inscription from my Quaker father to my mother on Christmas, 1949 (before my time). This brings the concept of "wholeness" into daily life, addressing the needs of young men and women. Very crisp condition, age-yellowed dust jacket, old musty smell. Photo here 7.00  
Harry Scherman The Last Best Hope of Earth 1941, Random House, 35 pp. This little screed is about the need for World War II... the economic unification of all mankind and the fact that it is a clean turning point in the destiny of the American people. It is a simple stapled booklet with a wrap, and the title sheet is glued on (and is wrinkled). Otherwise clean with no marks, and a musty smell. Photo here. 7.00  
Charles KingsleyWestward Ho!Thomas Nelson hardcover, Illustrated by A.S. Forrest. 15.00 
Shepherd MeadHow to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingFirst edition, second printing - 1952, hardcover with dustjacket. Remarkable and humorous glimpse into the distinctly non-PC world of corporate America around the time I was born... my father's name from that year is written on the flyleaf.6.00 
Robert DayAll Out for the Sack RaceA strange and wonderful collection of early New Yorker cartoons... I grew up with these in the family library and I think they shaped my twisted thinking. Published in 1945, hardcover, gift inscription to my mother (while recuperating from surgery).7.50 
Captain Benjamin DuttonNavigation and nautical astronomy: A textbook on navigation and nautical astronomyPublished in 1939 by US Naval Institute - 477-page hardcover with errata sheet. Navigation and piloting from a time before calculators... good solid knowledge.  Sixth Edition.5.00 
Francis Henry TaylorFifty Centuries of ArtHardcover with dust jacket, 342 reproductions in color, 184 pages. Some old cigarette smell from childhood home,4.00 
HammondNature Atlas of America1952 large hardcover with dust jacket, old cigarette smell, 1952. 320 color paintings, 34 pages of maps, 250 pages4.50 
Germain BazinA Colorslide tour of the LouvreAmazing package - hardcover book with 32 paintings described (and it smells of tobacco from my childhood home). Two great features: packet of color transparencies in a sleeve inside front cover, and 33 1/3 RPM record in the back with a narration (2 sides) by Vincent Price.8.00 
National Park ServiceThe History of Castillo de San Marcos & Fort MatanzasRare little booklet from 1955 about the St. Augstine region of Florida. 38 pages. 5.00 
Horace C. DemingGeneral Chemistry (1925)My father's textbook from Swarthmore College. Subtitle: "emphasizing industrial applications of fundamental principles." One group of 3 pages has sections cut out.5.00 
Chemical Rubber CompanyHandbook of Chemistry and Physics, 28th editionThe 1944 edition of the classic CRC book! Quite beautiful condition, over 3" thick, 2571 pages.15.00 
Editors of LifeLife Treasury of American FolkloreLarge 1961 hardcover with dust jacket, old cigarette smell, 348 pages. All those old classic tales.5.00 
Julius Meier-GraefeVincent Van Gogh1933 hardcover with DJ, Christmas gift inscription from 1935. Tight condition, but musty old tobacco smell. Currently $35 on Amazon.20.00 
Lionel S. MarksMarks' Handbook, Third EditionBeautiful 1930 mechanical engineering handbook, 2,264 pages. This belonged to my father, who graduated from Swarthmore as a mechanical engineer. $35-ish on Amazon.20.00 
Christopher HibbertCharles IPortrait of the king. 295 pages, hardcover, dust jacket, old smoky smell, lots of illustrations. 9.00 
Max Jakob & George HawkinsElements of Heat Transfer and Insulation1950 edition of a classic thermodynamics text. HC with DJ, musty, 230 pages. Bonus: 4-leaf clover on page 195.10.00 

Antiquarian & Collectible

Condition & Comments Price
Miss Mulock Mulock's Poems, 1883 Leather, 362 pages. From what I've been able to determine, this is one of the more scarce books from Miss Mulock (author of John Halifax, Gentleman and others). It's in beautiful condition, with uniform age yellowing, supple covers, and excellent gilt edges. The cover is separating from the spine (mostly from the front), but can easily be re-glued; the binding itself is very tight. Endpaper carries a bookplate from my grandparents' library. Three photos: cover, edge, title 23.00  
C. K. Smoley
Five-Decimal Logarithmic-Trigonometric Tables, 3rd edn, 1941
Beautiful little 184-page hardcover, owned by my grandmother and used in a drafting class.
Frederic Newlin PriceBenjamin West:  Founders' Day Address at Swarthmore College, 1938Published in 1939 under the auspices of the Benjamin West Society and Swarthmore College, this 24-page booklet (6x9 inches) is a celebration of West's 200th birthday. It contains the full text of the address, sketching the artist's life and work.

The booklet includes photos of some of West's paintings, all courtesy of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art. The full list is:

    * George III
    * Christ Healing the Sick
    * Penn's Treaty
    * Death of General Wolfe
    * Conference of the Treaty of Peace with England
    * The American School
    * Birthplace of Benjamin West

Exterior wrap is yellowed and foxed as shown in the scan; interior is very clean but for a penciled circle around "Swarthmore" on page 3.

This should find its way to a library of Swarthmore College history... or that of a West collector. Here are links to a scan of the cover and one of the interior images.
Eliza A. YoumansThe First Book of Botany, Designed to Cultivate the Observing Powers of Children1882 hardcover from Appleton & Co - 300 engravings. Binding tight, boards firm, spine bumped a little but very strong. My name written on flyleaf; grandparents bookplate inside front cover. 22.00 
American Sunday School UnionNetty's Acorn FramesThis rare little gem comes from my family estate library. It was published anonymously in Philadelphia by the American Sunday-School Union in 1864 with a subtitle of A Little Girl's Work. From what I can gather through online research, this is the only edition ever printed of this sweet little book, which features full page illustrations. It is similar to today's chapter books, and is designed to teach young folks not to let themselves become disheartened in their efforts to do good in the world. It would be an excellent addition to a homeschool curriculum on the American Civil War.

The story highlights Christian values throughout, and follows the adventure of young Annette who lives with her Aunt after the death of her father in the Battle of Bull Run. When she reads a bulletin about soldiers needing warm socks for the winter, she determines to earn some money for the cause. She sets out to make and sell ornamental picture frames. No setback or hardship can keep proud young Netty from her goal which, in the end, may save a young soldier's life.

It is in good condition and quite readable, and measures 4" x 6" with 141 pages. Cover is elaborately embossed green cloth with gilt lettering on the spine. Head and foot of spine are worn, corners are bumped and there are three small dark spots on front cover. Binding is holding; interior is clean with a little foxing.

Photos:  spine - corner - title page - random selection - illustrationmoral
William WatsonWordsworth's Grave and Other Poems (1893)Published in New York by Frederick A. Stokes in 1893, it features a frontispiece with tissue-guard of Grasmere Churchyard, has 94 pages, and measures 4.25" by 6.25." Burgundy leather spine and corners cover gorgeous red marbled boards with matching endpapers. Gilt top edge and spine lettering.

This volume is in very good condition. Edges are rubbed, corners bumped, and there is some spine wear, but binding and hinges are strong, text is clean and bright, and it has virtually no foxing. This edition includes four pieces that were not in the first edition, twenty seven additional epigrams, a letter to Professor Dowden, and numerous illustrations throughout. Copies of this unusual little book in such good condition are apparently scarce, based on my online research.  

Photos:  cover - endpaperspages - illustration - spine
John S. JenkinsHeroines of History (1874)Ten beautiful engravings, a little loose binding in spots, 520 pages. Fascinating relic...15.00 
Owen MeredithLucille (circa 1889)Epic poem (not rare) - story of Lucille, loved by French Duke and an English Lord, who fought over her. Becomes a nun, and the sone of one falls in love with the neice of the other. Was a hit in its day.5.00 
WebsterEncyclopedic Dictionary, 1941In our family library as I was growing up. 3" thick, a little tattered, very yellowed, loose binding. These are $10-25 on eBay. 10.00 
Friedrich NietzcheThus Spake ZarathustraUndated, Modern Library, early 1900s. Tight, but some water staining in the lower corner (no effect on text or page feel). Not rare.5.00 

Language Books

Condition & Comments Price
Crown Publishers Living Japanese - 2 CD set plus book 40 lessons on 2 CDs, with corresponding 376-page book 4.00  
Mitsuko Saito A Theory of Listening Japanese (Kanji, vertical typeset). 1.50
Roland Lange Barron's Japanese Verbs Tight, plastic-sleeved, 320-page book with complete conjugations 5.00  
Carol & Nobuo Akiyama Barron's Japanese Grammar Language guide on sentence structure 5.00  
Carol & Nobuo Akiyama Barron's Japanese Vocabulary My favorite vocabulary guide, very nicely organized by concept groupings. 5.00  
Akira Miura Japanese Words & Their Uses A most interesting collection of about 300 words, including idiomatic uses, tricky synonyms, and sentence examples. Scarce book - cheapest of 10 on Amazon is $7.95 (March 2010), Very clean condition. 10.00  
Tina Wells Easy Katakana Best book I found for learning katakana! Cover a little dirty, and I've written (pencil) into some of the practice boxes. Essential for reading "loan words," or garaigo. 5.00  
Fujihiko Kaneda Easy Hiragana Great basic writing book, presenting characters in sensible groups with good exercises and vocabulary. Some writing in the practice boxes. 5.00  
Noboru Inamoto Colloquial Japanese Tuttle Language Library - very good book on sentence structure 4.00  
Living Language Common Usage Dictionary Paperback dictionary with lots of idoms 2.00  
J. D. Bisignani Japan Handbook 500-page travel guide, 1988. General handling wear but tight. A friend used this when bicycling around the country. 2.00  
John Young & Kimiko Nakajima-Okano Learn Japanese, New College Text, Volume III Some pencil annotations from previous owner (I never got past the first book in the series). 5.00  
Pokrovski Svet Glaz Informatsia (Title anglicized by me from the Cyrillic). 1968 booklet that I got when studying Russian in the '60s, apparently about the brain and visual system. 32 pages, yellowed. 2.00  
Howard TombWicked Japanese for the Business Traveler"get in, have some fun, carve up the oppostion, and get out alive."1.00 

Magazine Back Issues

Condition & Comments Price
Latitude 38
64 issues, 1993-2006
This is THE sailing/cruising rag - even though it is produced in the San Francisco Bay Area, it covers the whole world of cruising and has something for everyone... destination pieces, reports from folks mid-voyage, chartering, racing, local sightings, and the best letters column you'll find anywhere in the sailing press. This batch includes issues ranging from 1993 to 2006... here's what you get:
  • 1993 - Aug, Oct (2)
  • 1994 - Jan, Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Aug (6)
  • 1995 - Apr, Jun, Sep (3)
  • 1996 - All except Aug (11)
  • 1997 - All except Jun & Nov, 2 copies of Oct (11)
  • 1998 - May, Sep (2)
  • 1999 - Mar, May, Jun, Aug, Sep (5)
  • 2000 - Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct (8)
  • 2001 - Jan, Feb, Mar, Jul, Sep, Oct (6)
  • 2002 - May, Jul, Nov (3)
  • 2003 - Mar, Jul (2)
  • 2004 - Jun (1)
  • 2006 - Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec (4)
Total weight unboxed is 50.2 pounds, so it will probably be best as a couple of boxes, totaling perhaps 54... but the best bet is probably Fedex Ground. Media Rate is not legal, as the magazines contain advertising. Whatever the method, I'll only pass along the actual shipping cost (or, of course, you can pick it up for free north of Seattle). If you want to estimate shipping costs before buying, the originating zip code is 98282.
Atlantic Coastal Kayaker Premier issue, May 1992 This first issue is a time capsule, and introduces Tamsin Venn (author of Sea Kayaking Along the New England Coast) and Bob Hicks (publisher of the wonderful and folksy Messing About in Boats). The popular sea kayaking culture was yet young, MITA was just getting going in Maine, and the energy was palpable. Photo here. 4.00  
True, The Man's MagazineJune 1961This little time capsule from a half-century ago is quite striking - with huge cigarette ads (it's what's up front that counts!) and sexist cartoons that would never play today. But there are some editorial gems as well, including a long piece on the Winchester Gun Museum, Russian murders in outer space, a long article about Earl Warren, and a variety of fiction and non-fiction. The issue is 128 pages, is in very good condition, and even has a tucked-in Father's Day gift card.  Photo here. 8.00 
Seven Seas Cruising Association11 issues, 2006-7This is the Commodore's Bulletin, averaging 46 pages per issue, covering voyaging notes and news from members all over the world.5.50 
DwellJune 2004Intriguing Interiors feature. I have it because of an article about a friend's (very cool) solar house in Seattle. 2.00 
TAPR Packet Status Register5 issues, 1998-1999Issues 72-76 inclusive, with lots of detail about the packet and APRS scenes. I spoke at the 17th Digital Communication Conference and joined TAPR there.3.50 
BYTEReprint - see detailThis is a reprint from 1985, covering Steve Ciarcia's "Super System, the S-180 single-board computer. Full schematics and other details, plus a tearsheet from August 1985 about the BASIC-52. Nice geek relic from a quarter-century ago.1.00 
Machine DesignSept 28, 1978 Reference IssueThis is completely focused on Fluid Power and is an excellent reference... kinda hate to let it go but I'm not doing hydraulics these days. Dated, but the basics of this technology haven't changed much.3.00 
Science News Letter2 issues from 1965Lots of info on science fair winners, as well as science news highlights of the day. One includes a photo of J. Richard Gott, whom I knew at the time - I'll include two original B&W photos of his Pseudo-Polyhedron exhibit which won big (a new class of geometric figures).3.00 


Condition & Comments Price
Banjo Dan and the Mid-Nite Plowboys
Self-titled first CD, 1990
This out-of-print first CD from Banjo Dan is also one of the first productions by Wayne Green's Greener Pastures Records - label number GPR-003. I got it back when it was new and I was visiting Wayne in New Hampshire. The CD itself in beautiful condition along with the usual jewel case scuffs. The image shown here is a scan, not a stock photo. Much more on this brilliant disc may be found on this page at Banjo Dan's discography.  
PrinceDiamonds & Pearls1991 CD with hologram cover2.00 
Wolna Grupa BukowinaNiechaj ZabrzmiPolish music, apparently very rare17.50 
Music Minus OneThe Art of Improvisation, Vol 1Rich Matteson, Jack Petersen, Kerby Stewart, and Jim Vaughn.  I bought this vinyl LP new back in 1975, but hardly ever used it... and the 64-page book is included. It is MMO catalog # 681. Rhythm is on the left channel, and the melodies are on the right... allowing you to adjust balance to play along. This emphasizes improvisation using Dorian modes in C, G, and F - and there are sections of the book for C, Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef instruments. Quite rare.20.00 

VHS Video Tapes

Video Title
Condition & Comments Price
Go Farther with Charger Bicycles
This is still in its original sealed packaging - I do not know its content or length. I used to have a Charger (great machine!) and this came with it. I have no idea if this is a marketing piece or a users guide... luck o' the draw! Photo here
Africa QuestBy my friend Dan Buehler, this Classroom Connect video is about his amazing bicycle adventure in Africa... with frequent connection back to groups of school kids. Autographed.2.50 
Wonderful World of Easy Rider sea kayaks(ISBN: 0-9636768-0-6) Ages ago, when starting the Microship project, I was researching kayaks... and I bought this 2-1/4 hour tape. It contains lots of good material about the state of the sea kayaking art in the early 1990s. The tape is mentioned on the company website, and is apparently still available for $20.  Photo here. 8.00  
WaterCycling 2000 - 4 Human Powered Boats videos This definitive archive of the HPB state of the art (circa 2000) was produced by Ron Drynan, and includes footage of over 200 boats... including my Microship project. Video includes extensive racing coverage, expedition boats (including some ocean-crossings), hydrofoils, commercial pedal boats, and a lot more. If you're working with human-powered watercraft, this is a must for your library.

I'm now in the process of moving aboard a sailboat, and am reluctantly letting go of treasured artifacts. I'd like to see this collection go to someone in the active HPB community; as far as I can tell, these videos are no longer available. There is a tremendous amount of creative energy and boat geekery documented here.

Condition is excellent - probably played all the way through only twice, with occasional fast-forwards to specific projects for reference. They have been in a non-smoking environment, stored in their plastic boxes. Here's a photo.
2 copies of "Three Tenors"Recorded by my father on VHS - selling just for the cassette value.1.00 

Software and Computer Stuff

Description & Comments Price
ConnectixQuickCam diskettes 1 & 2, plus manualI sold the camera itself on eBay a few years ago, and this turned up later. I have no way to test the floppies. 1.00 

Maps and Charts

Date or Number
Description & Comments Price
Kentucke, reproduction of antique John Filson map1784These were printed by the Filson Club and faithfully reproduce the beautiful old map of the region (Jefferson, Lincoln, and Fayette Counties) produced for George Washington in 1784. They are 16x20 inches, yellowed, rolled, and very suitable for framing. I have three of them; price is shown for each. Will require mailing tube.6.00 or all 3 for $15.00 
Idaho Panhandle National Forests1989From USDA Forest Service - South and Central regions. 1.00