Nomadic Research Labs

Notes on the old "live page" (January 3, 2012)

This used to be the page that I updated almost every day with random minutiae, eBay listings, to-do items, books in progress, links to current work, and so on. I am now in the process of moving my entire web-publishing activity to the Nomadness site (the current boat project) and the Microship site (all archives of previous projects). Here are a few pointers to current activity, but this page will no longer change very often...

is in La Conner, along with adjacent lab space. Microblogging updates have been on Facebook, and the best summary of currently relevant links is on the Nomadness front page.  

Technical updates are published in the Nomadness Report, delivered in PDF form via email. These carry far more geek detail than the blog, and cost $20/year (38 an issue). The introductory issue is free if you want to check it out; here is the 1.36 megabyte PDF. The publication is getting some nice buzz... the first 12 issues are collected into the a compilation ($10 for the 27-megabyte eBook in my online store, where you can also browse the contents and pick up individual issues).

We have introduced a new product - the Expedition Medical Chest, which packs ER-grade supplies in a gasketed Lexan case for harsh environments.

I've started a fun project... the Anarchives, which carry digitized print media from yesteryear as well as the beginning of the Computing Across America audiobook.

I welcome Facebook friend requests, but only if there is an accompanying introductory note (unless I already know you, of course). 

My Reaching Escape Velocity book is on Amazon, or if you prefer a signed copy it's also in my online store. This is my whole collection of "trade secrets" for working with sponsors, volunteers, and media... stuff I have never published before. If you're trying to pull off a grand caper with minimal resources, it will be very helpful.  There is a DRM-free Kindle edition as well.

There is an auto-updating Nomadness Webcam page that also includes a live location tracker. 

The To-Do list table that used to be here has been replaced by a new section on the Nomadness site. Other stuff that was on this page was gradually degenerating into cruft and broken links thanks to the ancient and very broken KompoZer, and has been deleted.