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Latest News

July 29, 2013 update:  Microship Afloat in Friday Harbor!

Wordplay in Eagle Harbor

An amphibian pedal/solar/sail micro-trimaran, designed for technomadic adventure

The Microship is back!

(Note: I really need to bring this page into the current century with a WordPress installation... sorry for this ancient static cobwebsite. I've just updated this with a text editor and FTP client, and it is just like being in the Microship lab in the late '90s! I just posted some current photos at the Nomadness blog, now that the boat is sitting in the Port of Friday Harbor with a URL pointing to this site.)

Anyway, the infamous amphibian pedal/solar/sail micro-trimaran created by Nomadic Research Labs (with the help of 160 corporate sponsors, hired consultants, and dozens of volunteers) lay idle for over a decade, while I turned my attention to ships big enough to support open-ended global voyaging. I had come to accept that I will never launch the expedition that drove the Microship project from 1993 through 2003, concluding that she should find a new skipper.

But in early June of 2013, I changed my mind, and have been playing in the waters of the San Juan Islands... getting some mileage (and excitement) out of this huge labor of love. I am now working on a way to integrate the geekly boatlet more fully into a technomadic lifestyle.

Here is some OLD information from the Microship-development epoch:

Photo album
Detailed article about the substrate and a retrospective of the 10-year project 
Development archives

More recent news is at this Nomadness blog post. But as of late 2015, I am working on integrating the Microship into a 50-foot mothership... and the best place to go for news is my primary site front door at (as this page is getting seriously ancient).