Nomadic Research Labs

Lightwaves from Datawake

(with ongoing updates) One of the most wonderful things about living aboard is the endless variety of light… the ripples, reflections, colors, sparkles, and subtle hues that change day to day, moment to moment. This post is a small collection of luminous moments captured above, below, around, and inside Datawake, moored in the Port of Friday Harbor. All photos ©2017 by Steven K. Roberts, Nomadic Research Labs.

Foggy night in the Port – October 25, 2017

Midnight Marina Masthead Moonglow… September 11, 2017

June 25, 2017 – a wonderful sky show from the foredeck.

The Canadian fires made for smoky air for about a week… and some dramatic sunsets. This was August 6, 2017 – you can see Sunspot AR2670 just off the tip of a branch, left of center.

Just another Friday Harbor sunset – August 16, 2017

The 48-foot Poplar on Breakwater C… low-angle April early evening light (7PM) and glassy calm.

My neighbor’s reflection, flipped, just after a small boat motored by around sunset in the Port of Friday Harbor… April 8, 2016

A full-arc double rainbow on May 8 was a photographic treat… here’s the view off my stern.

The rainbow framing my bow pulpit…

I always enjoy looking up from the bed in my cabin after it rains.

And sometimes, those rain baubles do magic with sunlight.

Walking the docks as a cold front moves through at sunset.

Datawake and her inversion

Always the reflections…

The view off the stern changes by the hour…

Looking out over the neighborhood

And let’s not forget internal lighwaves… an Infrared security flood shows up dramatically on the cell phone camera.

What’s a starship without lasers? Felling shaggy, but coherent…

Raindrop refraction at 42 degrees, at the edge of Alexander’s Dark Band

Yet another rainbow – June 23, 2016