Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE
Popular Computing - High-Tech Nomad - page 2

Maplet – Indiana and Kentucky Shakedown Cruise

Before launching out for parts unknown, I needed to test bike and body… so this little 762-mile loop was the first phase of the Computing Across America adventure. Having left Columbus 2 days earlier, I entered Indiana from the east… heading for Indianapolis and the International Human-Powered Vehicle races. This was spectacular, spending a weekend with pedaling geeks from all over (although the traffic into the city was terrifying).

The next major objective was Louisville, where I grew up… and though I was exhausted by the unfamiliar exertion, it was with a real sense of exultation that I pedaled up the old driveway in Jeffersontown. My mother was completely convinced I’d be a bum all my life, but my father (a retired engineer) secretly loved it.

From there, I aimed myself back toward Columbus… with an emotionally difficult stop in Cincinnati to visit my ex and daughter (we had split up a couple of years earlier, but still). This is one of the more tear-jerking chapters in the book.