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Mesh Slings for Homebrew Kayak Stands


Build your own PVC kayak stands

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This has been our most popular kayaking item, since it saves a bundle of money with a little simple DIY. If you don’t mind cutting a few pieces of PVC tubing from your local home-improvement store, these slings yield effective kayak stands. The polyester mesh prevents trapping moisture against the hull (growth), and it readily adapts to any shape (preventing stresses that can lead to deformation in hot weather).

There is a page of assembly instructions, and you can either copy the idea and sew your own, or buy ours… it’s an easy decision unless you are already set up with suitable materials and an industrial sewing machine. With commercial stands costing over $100, this is a quick and easy alternative that has worked well for hundreds of fellow kayakers. (When you order quantity 1, you receive a PAIR of slings, needed for the two stands that support one kayak. The PVC and hardware you need to acquire locally.)

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