Garage Sale

Updated May 13, 2017

I am trying to eliminate the tonnage that accumulated in my lab, house, and boat over the years… not just my own stuff, but the remnants of the old family home that I shut down in 2005. For the past decade, I’ve been eBaying at the Moon and Amazoning Out (those links open my respective store pages in a new tab). I’ve also been selling a steady trickle of items via a few Facebook groups here in the San Juan Islands, but there is still a long way to go.

This page, kept simple without shopping cart tools and other gadgets, will be just a categorized list of items and prices. If stuff catches your eye, please drop me a line with your list and I’ll give you the shipping weight/cost… and we can take care of it with Paypal, Plastic, or the old-fashioned check-by-mail. I will delete items from here as they find new homes.

I just deleted some ancient things that were here, and will revisit this page when we migrate to WooCommerce. Thanks for looking!