Feature article about IDU: Existential Threat in the latest issue of Afterlife magazine

Update from Gabriel’s Book Tour

Gabriel is on a media tour now, promoting his book IDU: Existential Threat. This evening I waited for him much longer than usual after wrapping up Paradise Lost, contemplating my strategy, then he suddenly dropped out of the sky and handed me the latest issue of Afterlife magazine. “I remember you,” he said with a grin.

As you may recall, I briefly reviewed his book when it came out, and although he clearly enjoys rocking that studly Byzantine style, he is thoughtful when it comes to the delicate balance of game design and religious orthodoxy. His interview in the magazine goes into considerable detail about all this, and he has been retained by Superbright as a consultant.

While we were chatting, I could see him getting twitchy… glancing down at my triple cats and mumbling about being abused over and over in a hellish 24/7 Sisyphean ordeal. “You know, I really hate humans,” he said. “Sorry.”

His smile faded to a tired rictus and he plunged his sword into the ground. I knew what was coming. “Can I keep this?” I yelled, holding up the magazine. “If you survive!” he hissed, and I barely had time to duck behind a pillar before a particularly rapid succession of nearly invisible plasma balls crashed around me, one of them hitting home. Oddly, I didn’t mind.

The cats made short work of him, but I did it with a sort of melancholy since he looked so… exhausted. I just wanted to sit down with him over a beer, not kill him again. “Tell your people about my book…” he sighed, fading away.

This is part of the In Death: Unchained literature collection by Steven K. Roberts.