News feature about the jails in Pit of Agony

Jailed in the Pit of Agony

This is not a book review, but a quick note from In Death news media that gives us a hint about Purgatory law enforcement. Do you ever wonder what those unfortunate Abominations did to get themselves jailed in the Pit of Agony? Interfering with Skeleton Archers who were trying to take out humans? Stealing candles? Hiding in the shadows and failing to attack? During a recent visit I asked one guy what he was in for, and he just shouted “urggggh snurf” and tried to take a swipe at me through the bars. His frustration is understandable (even if not his words). He is now powerless, and an easy target. I killed him.

I picked up a copy of the IDU Dispatch in the Gift Shop later that day while shopping for a quiver of Cat-5, and the front-page article goes into detail about overcrowding and aggressive law enforcement in the pits… though it never mentions what they are getting arrested for in the first place. We are watching the situation, and will hopefully have an update soon.

This is part of the In Death: Unchained literature collection by Steven K. Roberts.