A most embarrassing incident

Notice to Cupids re Teleport Tolerance Issues

Please note that careless errors in teleport coordinates can result in your body becoming partially embedded in walls or ceilings. This is not only embarrassing and painful, but it also leaves you exposed to torment, summary execution, or having your naked butt shared on the human “Face Book.” If you are going to teleport instead of fly, we recommend carrying spatial calculations to four significant digits, using the Preview feature, and incorporating a proximity tolerance of at least one CBL (cupid body length) to accommodate rounding errors by our Paradise Lost teleport server. These are ancient buildings and considerable settling has occurred… please remember that we are short-staffed in wartime and unable to continually update surface databases. Let this unfortunate fellow serve as a reminder: Know Your Destination before hitting the JUMP button!

— PL Support Team

This is part of the In Death: Unchained literature collection by Steven K. Roberts.