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Back in 2000, during the throes of the Microship project, I wrote this book and published it with the help of friends who took care of layout and design. This was the fourth edition, and it treated the bike and boat projects as a continuum… a succession of platforms for technomadic adventure. With the micro-trimaran project in full swing, the energy was very high, and the book includes lots of tech detail intertwined with the passions that have been driving these projects since 1983.

I thought I ran out of these years ago and considered them very rare; they were a steady seller back in the early 2000s, but production was all in-house (not publishing-on-demand), so when they were gone, that was it. But in late 2017, a box that I thought had back issues of the Nomadness journals turned out to include a small stack of these. There are about a dozen used copies on Amazon, most absurdly priced in the many hundreds of dollars (!), but the reality is that a few new copies are in stock right here with the author, and will be signed to buyers.

The books are 8.5×11 trim size, 111 pages, and have lots of interior B&W photos showing details of the machines as well as passionate interludes about the design process. No eBook edition exists at this time; my current publishing efforts are focused on getting Computing Across America back into print.


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