The Bike that has Everything – Globe

bike-has-everythingTHIS high-tech bike is home for traveling writer Steve Roberts. It has five computers, a satellite transceiver, two ham radios, a cellular phone, security system, refrigerator, fax unit, microfiche library and TV set. Steve runs his gadgets with solar power and uses the bike’s 36 gears to haul a 4-ft. trailer. He and galpal Maggie Victor, who has her own bike, rode 6,000 miles on their first date.


Random posts from the archives:

Roamin' Free, but Plugged Into the Job - USA Today
During the primitive beginning of my paleo-technomadic bicycle travels, the media was still unfamiliar with the implications of the technology that was making it possible... even though vibrant communities were developing in the various pre-Internet online services. After a small article about me ap...
Simplify Microcomputer Software Development by Simulating an EPROM - EDN
I published this back in 1979, when I was building custom micro-based systems for Corning Glass, Seagram's Distilleries, and Robinson-Nugent. As a lone developer, I could not afford $20K for an Intel In-Circuit Emulator (ICE), so I invented this device to simulate the ROM in a target system by p...
Datawake and Nautical Gizmology
Phew. I was in irons for a while, taking over a year to complete a tack, passions luffing as I eased my bow through the eye of the wind. I wondered if the sails were ever going to fill again, and held my breath as she hung there... weathercocking with indecision, a confusion of wavelets slapping my ...
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