Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE


BEHEMOTH Helmet in (Google) Glass Menagerie – Make Magazine

The caption reads:  Proto “Glass” hacker Steven Roberts and the “Brain Interface Unit” for his 1991 nomadic “BEHEMOTH” bike project. The BIU offered a heads-up data display (via The Private Eye), a head-gesture-controlled mouse, radio communications and entertainment audio, spot and flood lights, a rearview mirror, and even a helmet liquid cooling system. My BEHEMOTH…

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The Original Technomad

This lovely piece by Karl Smerecnik served as a reminder to press on… back when I was stuck in a deadlock between a lab in the Camano Island woods and the lovely Nomadness moored 2 hours away. I’m grateful to the author for motivating me with discussion of my own adventures. Read the full article on the…

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Hack a Day Vintage Video – Computing Across America

I love the Hack a Day site… always something interesting in the domain of geekery, with frequent nerdgasms. It was thus a treat to find my adventures featured one day in 2009 – including embedded video excerpts from my talk at Xerox PARC on March 14, 1989. This was early in BEHEMOTH development, and I…

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Move House by Sean Topham – book chapter

I was contacted in 2003 by Prestel, an “Art and Architecture Publishing House based in Munich,” asking if I would send some photos for use in a book by Sean Topham about portable architecture. Following their success with Xtreme Houses, this one would focus on a subject dear to my heart… highly mobile residences. I…

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BEHEMOTH in Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

This short snippet appeared in the Gadgets book of the Ripley’s World’s Weirdest series (by Mary Packard, Scholastic Paperbacks, October 1, 2002). I am honored to share page 45 with Dean Kamen, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the ACM1 expo a few years ago. During BEHEMOTH development, we had a code term…

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BEHEMOTH – Computer History Museum

The long-term home for the bike, after 17,000 miles of adventure and hundreds of stage appearances in the years that followed, is the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. I love this place, and it’s truly worth a visit for lots of reasons besides BEHEMOTH… they have astounding treasures from all branches of the computer…

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Technokochevik - 1

Technokochevnik Steven K Roberts – Mir Internet

I don’t speak Russian, so am alas unable to translate this, but it appears to be a rather substantial treatment of BEHEMOTH (judging by spot checks with Babelfish). To create the Searchable PDF, I used the Russian OCR function… but since my own text editors don’t know what to do with that, I was unable…

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X-Treme Telecommuting – Weird Science – Telecommute Magazine

The full version of this article features five of us “x-treme telecommuters,” though I have only reproduced my page below. I am honored to be in the company of others whom I respect: the amazing walking Photogypsy, Almitra Von Willcox… the Expedition 360 guys, Steven Smith and Jason Lewis with their boat Moksha… my old…

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Nomadness – Technology on the Open Road – Recumbent UK

I had almost forgotten this article, tucked away in a binder with only its cover photo showing, but upon reading it I realize that the author did a masterful job of distilling my technical explanation of BEHEMOTH while it was still fresh… with clear and entertaining writing. Actually, I don’t even know the author’s name,…

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Technomad in Computer Confluence textbook

I was delighted to have a 2-page spread in this 1998 Prentice-Hall textbook aimed at computer literacy and information technology… as an old drop-out, it has always felt a little subversive to see my technomadic adventure taught to students. In the decades since, physical location has indeed become much less relevant; it is almost hard…

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