Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

High Tech Nomad snippets

Winnebiko with Hewlett-Packard at COMDEX 84

It was a mad, dangerous rush to cross Utah in sub-freezing weather while sick… breaking a fundamental rule of bicycle touring that mirrors the one well-known in the nautical world: “A sailor with no schedule always has fair winds.” After a brutal week of pushing much too hard, I arrived in Las Vegas.  I found…

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A Mycological Tone Poem

©1984 by Steven K. Roberts Arches National Park, Utah November 3, 1984 “You don’t need big words; you need big eyes.”  — Judith Judith and I walked amid sandstone formations that appeared as the whimsical carvings of some inspired god.  The rock, wind-sculpted for eons, was around us a museum of creative erosion — a…

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Snapshots of Telluride – 1984

The Computing Across America adventure was an eye-opener on many levels, and one of the most lingering was the discovery of Telluride… still dreamy and remote in 1984. This vignette took place on the anniversary of my departure, 7370 miles and a lifetime before in Columbus. I didn’t even mind getting snowed in for a…

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SKR in Santa Rosa - 1984

Walking Naked in the Wilderness

Excerpt from Computing Across America, here is a little snippet about a day near Santa Rosa Lake, New Mexico (6182.4 miles along). The photo is a timed self-portrait, taken just before the events in the story. by Steven K. RobertsJuly 14, 1984 Santa Rosa, New Mexico. It could have been the set of a wild…

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High-tech nomad meets Macintosh

This is a tiny excerpt from the Computing Across America book, describing the moment I first met a Mac. I had seen the Dolphin and Dorado at Xerox PARC during an Artificial Intelligence conference in 1981… as well as the Star derivative for the business market on display at NCC ’81… but this was the…

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The Gumbo Scene from Snapshots of God

©1984 by Steven K. Roberts Baton Rouge, Louisiana April 30, 1984 Snapshots of God. To label an empty canvas thus is perhaps a bit ambitious, for God is one of those subjects that tends to either draw people in with fists clenched or chase them away entirely. See? Some of you are on guard already,…

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Reflections on a Sax

This is a short excerpt from a chapter in Computing Across America called “A Nomad on Sabbatical.” My Louisiana trek had brought me to Hammond, and I immediately met some interesting folks and settled in for a while… a much-needed layover to rest, write, and frolic with friends. New Orleans was just down the road,…

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