Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Media – Microship

Tech-Nomading from Shore to Ship – Make: Magazine

This is one of my all-time favorite bits of media coverage, and not just because I love Make: magazine (both print and blog). The author of this piece, Howard Wen, really nailed the essence of my technomadic projects… including the wince-inducing irony of their tendency to explode fractally into a level of complexity greater than…

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On the road and always on – Sunday Times Doors magazine

One of the phenomena that figured prominently in my ongoing media coverage was the very simple fact that I was in the same business. It was not uncommon to go into an interview with a reporter smirking at the bearded eccentric on a bicycle, then watch the dawning realization as we conversed: “Damn… this guy…

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An Interview With A Mac Using, Pioneering, Technomad

by Eolake Stobblehouse The Mac Observer Apr 19th, 2001 This is a nice interview piece from the Microship lab, with a Mac focus – the full text is here. It includes quite a bit of┬ádetail about the project… Eolake was a great interviewer and we had an excellent and thoughtful conversation.  

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A Modern Odyssey – Sports Illustrated

This is quite out of context with my normal media appearances over the years; I have never thought of myself as an athlete (and certainly not the kind who would be featured in Sports Illustrated). This was part of a series produced by Rubbermaid: “Surviving the Unbelievable.” A bit of a stretch, but sure… why…

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High Tech de Tocqueville – Expedition News

This is a fascinating publication, put out by Jeff Blumenfeld for decades now, bringing together expeditions and sponsors. He did a few pieces about the Microship project during its heyday, and is still at it as I post this in 2014… with extensive archives of issue highlights going all the way back to 1995. My…

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The Traveling Technophile – Home Office Computing

This is a follow-up to a piece by Daniel P. Dern in the same magazine, 6 years earlier… now discussing my transition to water with the Microship project. In real life, I had just set up a lab on Camano Island, Washington, and assumed that we would be setting out on the new expedition within…

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Technomads – Stanwood Camano News

In early 1998, I bought a house with six wooded acres on Camano Island, Washington… ready to have my own workspace after many years moving in and out of borrowed labs (Apple, UCSD, Sun Microsystems, Borland International, friend’s houses…). Almost immediately, my partner and I began putting up a 3000 square foot pole building in…

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Microship project on KRON New Media News – video

This beautiful piece by Stan Bunger was filmed in Silicon Valley in late 1997, and aired shortly after we moved north to build a lab in the woods of Camano Island. Unlike typical local TV news programs, he took the time to explore the technical aspects of the project, yet framed it with the real…

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