Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Book reviews

Gonzo Wisdom – Reaching Escape Velocity mini-review in Make

I was most delighted to find my little Reaching Escape Velocity book mentioned in the pages of my favorite magazine — creative makers were exactly the readers I had in mind when writing it. The book covers the art of working with sponsors, volunteers, and media in order to launch audacious gonzo engineering projects… and is…

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From BEHEMOTH to Microship – QST Review

has always been the quintessential magazine of amateur radio, predating me by decades. As such, like all other hams, I’m dabbling in things that have long kept paleogeeks up all night… probing the ether and chasing those elusive DX (long-distance) stations. Of course, some of the things I’ve done with radio have been a bit…

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Computing Across America – 73 Book Review

A view of Steven K. Roberts N4RVE’s book. Reviewed by Alida M. Jatich KA9KAG 73 Magazine — November, 1989 “Suburbia is not a place; it’s a state of mind… You live in suburbia when the cycle of work and play becomes dangerously unbalanced in favor of work.” (Computing Across America, page 3.) If you’re like me,…

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Computing Across America book review – Systems Librarian

I don’t know this publication, but have to chuckle at the comment near the end in which they say I must have a thesaurus with which I choose big words for effect. I have found that such comments only come from folks who are a bit vocabulary-challenged… I can’t imagine using a thesaurus as a…

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Photoletter – Computing Across America

Computing Across America ($9.95, plus $2 p&h) by Steven K. Roberts. Steven Roberts rides 10,000 miles across America, conducting business as a writer on a computerized bicycle. The book encapsulates his adventure. Contact: Computing Across America [obsolete base-office address redacted]

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Computing Across America book review – A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing

I find this review most gratifying, and not only because the reviewer enjoyed my book. Michael A. Banks is a writer I’ve known and respected for  years, and his Modem Reference was one of the most-thumbed technical books on my shelf… back before USB <creak>. He was a prolific columnist in the early days of…

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Computing Across America – Portable Computer Review

Ever dream of just “hanging it up and heading into the sunset”? When Steve Roberts sold his suburban home and moved to an exotic high-tech bicycle, he set out to explore a new way of life—one that promised freedom, adventure, romance, and a “helluva lot of fun.” In Computing Across America, Roberts describes the wild…

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Computing Across America book review – Computer Shopper

The first 10,000 miles of my adventure yielded the Computing Across America book, which I am about to re-issue for the Kindle (now that I have this nifty scanner that is creating all these Anarchive entries!). This is one of my favorite reviews… Book Review by Michael A. Banks Computer Shopper – September, 1988 Computing…

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Bicycling Through Time into the Future

Book Review by Doug Mink The Boston Cyclist July-August, 1988 Computing Across America: The Bicycle Odyssey of a High-Tech Nomad by Steven K. Roberts. 1988. 347 pages, paperbound, $9.95. Who among us hasn’t at some time wanted to pack up his or her bike (or car) and head out to live an interesting life on the road,…

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