Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Nomadness Reports

Sailboat Desk Fabrication

This is a major step forward; I finally have a lab desktop aboard Nomadness. For about a year, my work surface has been but a crude plywood visualization model in place of the original cramped dinette… saggy, rough, and not dimensionally accurate enough to use as a basis for any subsequent design. But thanks to…

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Front page of Nomadness Report #4

Nomadness Report – Issue 4

A Nomadness Sampler As a break from last week’s chautauqua on the ship network design, this issue presents diverse fare that is reflective of the way things normally go with a huge project: frequent distraction from central focus by maintenance issues, random side tasks, bits of blue-sky philosophizing, Red Alerts, input from friends, and so…

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Nomadness Report – Issue 3

Our brief introduction to Shacktopus last week set the stage for something more substantial. We have discussed why it might be interesting to scatter data-collection nodes around a sailboat… but how do we intend to do it? And what do all those nodes (the pink diamonds in the image above) actually do? This issue is…

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Nomadness Report – Issue 2

The new PDF publication was off to a good start, and the second issue dove into fuel monitoring. On the opening page, I wrote… Welcome to the second issue of the Nomadness Report, and thanks for subscribing! In the few days that have passed since the first issue, I’ve had a chance to further clarify…

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Nomadness Report – Issue 1

This is the first in a series of 22 “magazine-style” pieces about the Nomadness boat project that I published between April 2011 and January 2013. These went into much more detail than blog posts, and were available by subscription. As is my custom, I began with an ambitious weekly publishing schedule, then monthly, then… whenever…

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Announcement of Call to Nomadness

By the beginning of 1990, on the heels of the Santa Cruz earthquake and before moving over to the Sun Microsystems lab in Silicon Valley, I was trying to build energy for the upcoming adventure by finding others to form a technomadic community. This went out to my Nomadness mailing list: FROM:  Steven K. Roberts,…

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