Factsheet Five was a marvelous publication, tracking the dynamic ‘zine scene back in the Olden Days. Mike Gunderloy published this labor of love, and it was an honor to be in it. He enjoyed the Nomadness journal, and in his Issue #39 he posted this little piece about my Issue #9 (the cover of which is below, along with a brief contents list). 

by Mike Gunderloy
Factsheet Five #39 
December 12, 1990

NOMADNESS #9 ($3 from Nomadic Research Labs [obsolete address redacted]): If you’re not a hardcore techie you may not be as fascinated by this as I am. On the other hand, Steve Roberts is living his dream, and that’s an exciting thing. This is all about his life and his bicycle, a fabulous high-tech contraption featuring solar power, multiple computers, ham radio, electronic connections to the world and much, much more. Interspersed with technical details are thoughts on the importance of passion in life, engineering humor, letters from other readers with their own dreams, and plans for the future. In this issue we see how all the computers unfold for easy service, look at the niche for microfiche as portable documentation, and are treated to an account of the annual Kinetic Sculpture race. The pictures alone are enough to bring joy to any tinkerer’s heart. (S-24t/MG)

This issue’s contents included: Last-minute update from the bikelab at Borland in Soquel, “Tidal Passion,” Microfiche documentation on the road, “Mirror Worlds” by Michael Banks, chicken recipes, “Brain Dump while Biking” by M. Strata Rose, Winnebiko Systems 4 & 5 spoof futurism, Notes from the lab (bike-bike comms, OSCAR, console and front panel packaging including folding system, brain interface unit), letters, “Midnight Attack,” and cartoons.

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