This little snippet of history came across my Twitterfeed exactly a quarter-century after it was published, so I screen-capped the ancient news bit from the UK and dropped it into the archive timeline. Transcription of the paragraph about our Microship-era geek romance is below. Good times…

NTK – Need to Know
(weekly high-tech sarcastic update)
August 1, 1997

We’ve always held a soft spot for STEVEN K ROBERTS, creator of the million dollar Microbike, proprietor of Nomadic Research Laboratories and the original footloose technomad. Now he’s fallen head over heels with a British geek girl, we’re all the happier. Steve and Liz’s new project, a cut-down Microship flotilla, has been completely revamped, and they’ve got a new resource site too. Ahhh.