The Roberts Law of Fractal To-Do List Complexity

One of my “Roberts Laws” about project management, recently meme’d with nice graphics by Dave Hickey. Thought I should immortalize it here in the archives….


Random posts from the archives:

New Culture Growing Out of Computers - USA Today
After the cover story of July 5, 1984, this was the first of my columns in the Money section of USA Today, which ran every other week until mid-November (when I hunkered down to write Computing Across America). This would have been awesome PR for said book, but I got caught up in editorial musical c...
Microship Project on Cyberlife - Discovery Channel, 1996
This piece was filmed about halfway through my first year in the Silicon Valley Microship lab sponsored by Apple, and I was working with my partner of the epoch, Faun Skyles. The project substrate was a 30-foot folding trimaran that we picked up in Southern California after fiddling for a couple of ...
Bicycle baffles passers-by - Titusville Today
This was Christmas Day, as I was making the trek south to Key West to meet a network friend in what came to be known as "the ultimate blind date." I was fortunate to have old friends in Titusville, and it was sweet to spend the holiday in their company before returning to the madness of th...
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