Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Gonzo Engineering

This is a peek into the passion that drives makers, hackers, and other victims of gizmological obsession. Versions of this have been widely quoted over the years and it becomes cyclically relevant as I dive into new projects, so I decided to add it to my archives. It is available in hardcopy as part of my Reaching Escape…

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Above: the 580-pound BEHEMOTH bicycle, circa 1991, somewhere in North Carolina. This was the final bike version, and was a 3-year project based in Silicon Valley. (photo by Bob Ponzoni) by Steven K. Roberts Silicon Valley From Bikelab Notes #8 — March 20, 1991 You know, sometimes this whole thing seems deliciously insane. Off the…

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Dangerous Influences

an intimate glimpse of the passion driving the technomadic quest for freedom. by Steven K. Roberts Palo Alto, California December 7, 1988 Maybe it’s the Pink Floyd. Wordless memories overtake the present, obscuring it, confusing it, rendering the computer puzzling even while practiced fingers perform their familiar little dance. Perhaps madness lurks herein: time is…

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