Video Tour of Datawake by IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum videographerBack on August 24, I welcomed aboard a delightful visitor named Kristen Clark from IEEE Spectrum, and she spent the afternoon asking good questions… getting me to show her around the boat while the camera rolled. The article just appeared on the IEEE site yesterday, and the video is embedded below… a fun 3-minute snippet of the Datawake project, complete with a cameo by Isabelle! I’m now inspired to do a detailed video walkthrough as soon as the final zone of the console is completed; there has already been lots of progress since this footage was taken:

Random posts from the archives:

Layers of Information
Update: I have just added a live tracker to the ship in addition to the datalogger that has been recording detailed routes. You can now see our current location, updated every 90 seconds while underway. Sometimes the transmitted position reports don't make it due to heavy traffic on the APRS ch...
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