Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

System Documentation

Winnebiko II Console Fabrication

I’ve always been something of a control-panel geek, and once I had committed to building the Winnebiko II and heading out again, the project became focused on console design. If I had learned anything from that first 10,000 miles, it was that the key to this whole adventure would be full access to all on-board…

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Winnebiko Electrical System Schematic

The stories at this point in the timeline mention late-night wiring marathons. I found this drawing by Walt Spicker in the archives, the only known surviving documentation of the first version of the bike. This includes battery management, the little switch box under the seat for the lights, security system with pager, and CB. So…

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Homebrew 8008 Computer – 1974

An Early Personal Computer (with complete schematics) by Steven K. Roberts October 31, 1974 Below are the original schematics of the homebrew computer I built long, long ago… an 8008-based machine that resides in the Computer History Museum (that link will open in a new window and show you four professionally done, zoomable photos). The…

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