Images of Nomadness

As I look fondly back on my 7 years with the Amazon 44 named Nomadness, many images come to mind… dreamlike moments aboard a beautiful boat in a stunning setting. She is now entering a new phase with her new owner, and has plans to head down the Pacific Coast later this year.

I want to share a few of my favorite photos of this epoch… most of these are from my 2008 cruise with Sky, before getting immersed in geekery and spending way too much time at the dock.

Nomadness in Profile

That profile… view from the Dinghy (2008)

Nomadness in Eagle Harbor

Moored in Eagle Harbor (Bainbridge Island), looking across to Seattle

Foggy morning in Port Hadlock

Foggy morning in Port Hadlock

Port Hadlock sunset

Port Hadlock sunset

Framing the Rainbow

Framing the Rainbow off the north end of Camano Island

Nomadness and Bainbridge Ferry

Nomadness and Bainbridge Ferry (2008)

Mount Baker and the Boom

Mount Baker

Java walking on air

Java on Air

Nomadness docked in the Clarke Belt

Photo from masthead by Wojtek Wacowski, with a little help from NASA and my editing tools.

Up the Nomadness mast

Gazing up while sailing near Sidney, BC

The 2008 track of Nomadness

The 2008 track of Nomadness… 621 miles with Sky

Nomadness in Montague Harbor

Nomadness in Montague Harbor (photo by Sky Myers)


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