Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Nomadness in Eagle Harbor

Images of Nomadness

As I look fondly back on my 7 years with the Amazon 44 named Nomadness, many images come to mind… dreamlike moments aboard a beautiful boat in a stunning setting. She is now entering a new phase with her new owner, and has┬áplans to head down the Pacific Coast later this year. I want to…

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Transition to the Dark Side

This post marks a major transition in my life. Not only am I making the move from sail to the dark side, largely due to my back and other age-related realities, but I am also broadening the scope of this archive. Until now, I have thought of this as a museum of media coverage and…

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Sailboat Power Console Fabrication

Steven K. RobertsNomadic Research Labs One of my frustrations with this boat has been difficult serviceability in a very critical place: power-distribution. This a region that needs to have easy access, excellent lighting, clear labeling, and a lack of clutter… not only is it otherwise maddening to make changes, but it can be a serious…

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Nomadness from Olympia to Everett – Photos

After landing in Olympia and doing an extensive haulout, Sky and I parked both Nomadness and Dervish at West Bay Marina… having a go at exploring home-base alternatives and otherwise trying to decide what next. I had tired of Oak Harbor, logistics of living on Camano Island weren’t making sense, and the correct formula had…

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