Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

JH Potter Manufacturer of Mineral Teeth – 1848

A relic in the old family archives, posted here for its dental history value. 

Resumption & Removal


Manufacturer of Mineral Teeth

After a temporary absence, has RESUMED HIS BUSINESS, and


To No. 29 Sansom Street.

Having a superior assortment of MINERAL TEETH, Gold and Tin Foil, Gold Plate, Wire, Solder and Springs; Silver Plate, Wire, Solder and Springs; Spar, Silex, Kaolin, Files, Instruments, Tools, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Plaster, Emery Wheels, Grind Stones, Titanium, Palladium, Platina, and all articles required by Dentists, offers them at his usual LOW PRICES for Cash.

Plate and Block Work executed for the Profession, as heretofore.

  • Orders accompanied by the Money, promptly filled.
  • Call before purchasing elsewhere.

Philadelphia, July 4, 1848