Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Front Panel Retrospective: Intel 8008

It’s freezing in the harbor, and I’m on one of my too-infrequent work trips… mapping my normal project-management context-switching into a form so jarringly physical that I have to take laptop breaks. This is not healthy; the ratio of those orthogonal activities should be inverted. Still, I’m enjoying the night aboard, and the stove is…

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Intertwined Fronts, Stereo, and the Microship

Cold, dark winter days are demotivating and I didn’t get it together to go see how the boat handles a foot of snow loading, but I am happy to report progress on three simultaneous fronts: the ship’s Shacktopus network, the Boat Hacking book, and an online store to conjure a nickel generator from the first…

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Wintry Notes from the Nomadhouse

I’ve never been much of a fan of Christmas, except perhaps when I was a kidlet in the nuclear family of mom/dad/me back in Kentucky, long ago and very far away from other relatives. Back then, the tree glittered and new toys appeared, just as they should (nothing has really changed). Tinkertoys, trains, erector sets,…

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JH Potter Manufacturer of Mineral Teeth – 1848

A relic in the old family archives, posted here for its historical value. Text follows for the search engines… Resumption & Removal J. H. POTTER, Manufacturer of Mineral Teeth After a temporary absence, has RESUMED HIS BUSINESS, and REMOVED To No. 29 Sansom Street. Having a superior assortment of MINERAL TEETH, Gold and Tin Foil,…

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