Nolan Bushnell with VPL EyePhone and Larry Wall – 1988

photos by Steven K. Roberts
at Camp Swig above Saratoga, California – October 29, 1988

I have just donated the originals of these two photos to the Computer History Museum, but also wanted to place them in my timeline here… a moment at a conference of übergeeks. This is Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari) playing with the VPL EyePhone (the first Virtual Reality goggles) created by Jaron Lanier, and the fellow in the background is Larry Wall (author of the Perl language). If you want a glimpse of the VR technology represented in this image, there is a YouTube video here from 1990.

Good times. As a new Oculus Rift (with Touch) owner way down the road in 2017, I find this especially delightful. Here is the holodeck aboard Datawake

Nolan Bushnell using EyePhone in 1988, Larry Wall looking on

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