One of the more formative and worthwhile endeavors of my high-school years at Seneca (Louisville, class of 1969) was this wonderful senior play — largely because the director, Eugene Stickler, was brilliant. I was Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker, and sang a solo that still resonates in my head nearly a half-century later (“He’s a born undertaker’s mute. I can see him in his black silk suit, following behind the funeral procession, with his features fixed in a suitable expression…”)

Mrs. Sowerberry (Roslyn Lobred) gets into the casket as the dour Mr. Sowerberry (Steven Roberts) looks on. She is interacting with the Artful Dodger (Doug Hatfield). Photo courtesy of Roz Poole in 2019.

I ran across the program in my archives, so scanned it for posterity.

In the undertaker’s parlor (photo courtesy of Roz Poole)
The Cast of Oliver, Seneca High School, Louisville – 1969 (photo courtesy of Roz Poole)
Steven Roberts as Mr. Sowerberry (photo by Edward Roberts at the family home in Jeffersontown)