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Building a Heavy-Duty Piano Drawer

A key requirement for my floating lab/studio was to have a digital piano aboard, but limited space dictates a deployment system that lets it stow away when not in use. I designed the console around this, and built a piano drawer that can … Continue reading

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A Learning Curve Junkie in the Zone of Hackery

Wow, I haven’t been in this mode for years, and I feel rusty! Downloading libraries, reading documentation, defining data structures, parsing strings, and even sketching a retro flowchart or two… this is definitely Good Times, but man, am I ever … Continue reading

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Consoling Thoughts

The modular approach to ship system fabrication is starting to manifest itself as little pools of parts in the lab… good thing we resurfaced those crusty old particle-board workbenches a few months ago! The current lab-based projects are: Console (communications … Continue reading

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