This lovely piece by Karl Smerecnik served as a reminder to press on… back when I was stuck in a deadlock between a lab in the Camano Island woods and the lovely Nomadness moored 2 hours away. I’m grateful to the author for motivating me with discussion of my own adventures. Read the full article on the Teknomadics site.

The piece gives some good history, makes thoughtful points, and includes three lessons for technomads:

  • Overcome Others’ Expectations 
  • Be Motivated by a Love for What You Do
  • Leverage Your Skills

He closes with these words:

Too often we focus on our weaknesses and work hard to minimize them.  What if we became more aware of our strengths, and instead, worked to gain skills and knowledge in our areas of interest?  What if we allowed our best selves to do the work we were born to do, regardless of societal criticism?  What if we trust our talents to lead our journey and believe that we’re only steps away from living the life we imagine?

Full article at the link.