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The Original Technomad

This lovely piece by Karl Smerecnik served as a reminder to press on… back when I was stuck in a deadlock between a lab in the Camano Island woods and the lovely¬†Nomadness moored 2 hours away. I’m grateful to the … Continue reading

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Straining Toward Nomadness

I miss the mental simplicity and steady progress of only working on one thing. I reminisce about Epic Projects of yesteryear, and they all seem to share the single characteristic of being grand obsessions so all-consuming that the rest of … Continue reading

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Digital Nomad Redux

Why does it take the stirrings of springtime to accelerate the indoor jobs, all those geeky things that should be done by the time it’s warm enough to embed them in a boat? I sit at my desk, unencumbered by … Continue reading

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On the Virtual Road – Internet Underground

I love this article. The author does a wonderful job of introducing the pioneers of net-connected travel, each breaking new ground in different ways.¬† Re-reading this 16 years after it was published, I want to throw a party for my … Continue reading

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Technomadness and the Internet – Internet World

I am fond of this article, which was written during the heady days of the Internet’s “takeover” from the mess of competing centralized services. Inspired by my own experiences with technomadics, it seems to anticipate the emergence of online-centered lifestyles… … Continue reading

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