Here’s a random bit of history from the archives, unrelated to everything else on this site… picture me as a 19-year-old hippie geek in 1971, working for Sylvania as a technician installing Autovon central office telephone equipment at Fort Benning during the Vietnam war. Morbidly fascinated by the My Lai massacre trial, where William Calley was given a life sentence for the murder of 22 unarmed civilians, I did a drive-by stealth photo-shoot with the long zoom as he was being escorted out of the building by MPs after the conviction. (With my long hair, camera, and VW Bug, I’m sure somebody had an eye on me.) The slide has been in an old carousel ever since, warped by a broken heat-absorbing glass… and scanned 48 years later for posterity. Color photos of this are apparently rare. More info here, for you young’uns; contact me for raw scan without text overlay (or to purchase the original slide).

William Calley leaving the Fort Benning courtroom under guard in March 1971, after being convicted for the My Lai massacre.

In the image below, the Military Police guarding the media cage were clearly annoyed by my candid photography. I retreated quickly.

I think I was not supposed to be taking photos… the body language is unmistakable!