American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Mt. Diablo Section

Home, Home on the Road,
with Steve Roberts
(High-Tech Nomad) and his Winnebiko

Presented by Steve Roberts, Author, Computing Across America

Question: What has five computers, 54 speeds, a cellular phone with modem, a ham radio station, a motion-sensitive security system, speech synthesis, 5 solar panels, hydraulic and disk brakes, a TV set, over 4 megabytes of RAM, air horns, a handlebar keyboard, a microfiche documentation library, a digital oscilloscope, pressurized drinking water, 108 square feet of tent space, RF remote control, a backlit VGA display driven by a 286/386 system, a satellite earth station, CDROM libraries and map graphics, GPS navigation, a mobile R&D lab, a touchscreen, resource management via 68000 FORTH, packet datacomm, nearly 50 Meg of disk, an electronic compass, one seat, a flute, a helmet audio system, a trailer, a fax machine, a micro printer, a local-area network, a 6’4″ pilot, and over 16,000 miles on its digital odometer?

Answer: It’s the 275 pound electronic cottage on wheels. A computerized recumbent bicycle, custom built from the frame up with the latest technology, by Steve Roberts. It has been his home since 1983, logging over 16000 miles on it. Come and see Steve’s bike and hear him describe it, his life style, why he does it, and what his future plans are. [Steve will have several of his books, Computing Across America at the dinner meeting, which he will autograph and you can take home for $9.95]

Location: Willow Tree Restaurant
6513 Regional Street
Dublin, CA 94566