The day after they were married in New York, my parents, Phyllis and Ed, flew to Bermuda for their honeymoon. Family archives include a few treasures from this 1946 romantic adventure, and this page is devoted to them… beginning with a 16-minute home movie taken by my dad:

Here was their ticket on a Pan Am Clipper:

Pan Am ticket in 1946

And this Flight Report contained information about the trip (elevation, speed, ETA, and so on):

From an epoch long ago.

They had Thanksgiving dinner at the Belmont Manor:

1946 Thanksgiving dinner at the Belmont Manor in Bermuda

They of course picked up a few tourist curios…

Doll from Bermuda – 1946

A map in the ancient collection, from their trips around the island…

1946 map of Bermuda (long ago sold on eBay, alas – ancient poor scan)

And last, a little memory of a favorite drink at the Swizzle Inn, stuck into their scrapbook.