Datawake Historical Photos – Circa 1976

Vic Franck Delta 50 (The Chief) in her early years

One of the little treasures I found aboard the boat now known as Datawake was a binder of photos from her youth. I think these are from the late 1970s (she was designed by Lynn Senour and built in 1974), and they are quite a contrast from my usual view of the ship… a huge blinking console full of electronics. But much is unchanged, and these are a treasured part of the boat’s history. All images are clickable for larger versions… they are faded prints on yellowed paper, but if you peer hard enough you can get a sense of her finish and construction quality. One of these days, when things are “done,” I’ll take photos from the same perspectives and pair them with each of these; in the meantime, you can see more current images in my “Meet Datawake article from 6 months ago.


chief-binder-2 chief-binder-3 chief-binder-4 chief-binder-5 chief-binder-6 chief-binder-7 chief-binder-8 chief-binder-9 chief-binder-10 chief-binder-11 chief-binder-12 chief-binder-lines zooming

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