Popeye and the Dawg

Witnessing an inter-species encounter

photo ©2016 by Steven K. Roberts
(All rights reserved – please contact for usage info)

Every now and then, a photographer gets lucky… the right palette of colors, a self-organizing composition, and a sweet vignette all align at the moment of shutter-release. This was one of those, caught through the 83X zoom of the wonderful Nikon P900, looking sternward from Datawake

That’s Popeye the harbor seal, a local celebrity, meeting a lovely dog who was strolling the docks with visiting humans at the Port of Friday Harbor. I first posted this on the local “Rant ‘n Rave” group, whence it has been shared about 75 times. I’m probably anthropomorphizing, but it is just so damn… adorable.


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