Quick update before I plunge back into N2K goodness this week… the 10′ Navigator dinghy is now securely hanging from the davits. It’s a simple procedure, now that it’s essentially done: attach bridles to the bulkhead fixtures in the dink, remove the starboard dinghy dog flotation collar, use the 3-part-purchase tackle assemblies to hoist the boat all the way up, make fast the lines on horn cleats (though still with the Hitchcraft widgets until I get the cleats mounted to the radar arch), use boat hook to catch the black nylon webbing straps and pull them under the hull, cinch those up in the stainless ratchets, open the drain to let out the rain, and tidy up. Here’s what it looks like:

I may add a couple of rigid pads where the davits take that unnerving bend (which may someday need a gusset to avoid bending further), just to give something solid to pull against… but the mounting is surprisingly stiff. Finding stainless ratchet strap assemblies was a key, and I was delighted to discover these on eBay.

Pieces are coming together. A lot has to happen over the next few weeks… if we don’t get moving, our housesitter is going to get very annoyed with us!


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