This short article in the Gunnison Times came out on the day I rode to Crested Butte with two young women, one of whom was severely injured when she was rear-ended by a truck. This cast a pall on my arrival in a magical place, and became a significant part of the book chapter about my stay… the Crested Butte coverage is over here.

Gunnison Times 
August 30, 1984

Steve Roberts, of Columbus, Ohio, visited Gunnison this week as part of a tour that will take him throughout the United States. To date the scientist-bicyclist has traveled 6,900 miles in eleven months. He does not know how much longer he will be on the road. “Until I find a place I want to settle in,” he said, “my bike is my home.”

The traveler’s bike is a one of a kind custom recumbent—an eight foot long, high tech extravaganza that combines the latest in human-powered, portable computers, and solar powered technology.

Roberts is maintaining a full-time freelance writing profession while pedaling across the country. “Thanks to a carefully integrated quartet of support facilities, I can present the illusion of geographic stability when the need arises — and simultaneously juggle book and article manuscripts while having the adventure of a lifetime,” he reported.

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