I wonder how my life would be different if I had been more receptive to this intriguing invitation one day in April 2002. Long buried in a Eudora folder, deep in an ancient backup drive, here is a perfect example of those nexus moments in life when we make a huge decision without realizing it. I was nearing the end of Microship development (above), with launch of the adventure imminent… or so I thought.

We had a friendly exchange in which I apologized for being so busy and inquired about an occasional “consulting” role, but of course that was not what was needed. MythBusters went on to become a hit series, and the casting was perfect.

Still, finding this in the archives gives me a distinct pang. It sure would have been fun, not to mention profitable… and I had already done one delightful filming with them for Beyond 2000 in 1990 (video at the link). One of life’s little regrets…

April 16, 2002 letter inviting me to consider participating in the “Myth Busters” series