This is just a quick note in QST about my visit to ARRL on March 9, 1993, during a speaking tour with BEHEMOTH. 

Steve Roberts, N4RVE, brought his rolling research lab (disguised as a recumbent bicycle) to ARRL Headquarters just before the Blizzard of ’93 hit in mid-March. Visible in this shot of the trailered bike, subject of an April 1992 QST story, is some of Steve’s mobile ham gear. He was in Connecticut to speak to youngsters at the Talcott Mountain Science Center, a nonprofit private educational facility for students interested in science.

Steve and his bicycle, BEHEMOTH, were guests on a live satellite television broadcast On the Shoulders of Giants, produced, directed and filmed by the students, and including live call-in questions from students across North America. Steve gave the tuned-in students a tour of his bike and its electronic wizardry.

Steve and his Nomadic Research Labs next plan a computerized sea kayak, also to be equipped with ham equipment and computers, (photo by James D. Cain, K1TN)