Brief review of Nomadness #11
Frontier Report
Volume 2, Number 5
November, 1992

Steve Roberts is back on the road with BEHEMOTH (Big Electronic Human Energized Machine – Only Too Heavy), his bicycle/computer work station/ GPS system/ham radio set — actually, I can’t quite describe it. Get a copy of Nomadness and see for yourself. Though there’s plenty in here for the technophiles, the articles in this issue tend to be more of the human interest variety; there is a man in the machine. I especially appreciated Roberts’ thoughts on “Education and Technomadness.”

Nomadness #11, Summer 1992
$15.00/year from Nomadic Research Labs

More detail on this issue is in Micro Publishing News from about the same time.

(This little review was published in Volume 2, Number 5 of Frontier Report, described in an early-1993 issue of Factsheet Five as an indie, reader-supported newspaper committed to “the empowerment of individuals through sharing information, analysis and opinions of environmental, social, ethical and related topics.”)