We haven’t done the renaming ceremony yet, but the lettering is in progress and looking good! The starboard side is done; next warm day we’ll ease her across to the next dock and do the port…

We ordered the letters online at Speedy Signs, and so far it has gone well (though it takes patience and careful attention to detail).

Today saw a bit more cabling (N2K to the comm bay), additional system design, and much head-scratching about the mounting of the Icom AT-140 antenna tuner to allow a short run to the backstay as well as a direct path to ground (via a big high-voltage mica capacitor). So many projects, so little time.

Meanwhile, our plumber over-committed and is now off on a 3-week vacation just as the holding tank is arriving, so we’re on an emergency quest for someone to help with that project in the 3 weeks remaining before we leave the marina. Nothing on a boat ever goes quite according to plan!


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