I don’t know the story behind these photos – they are just slides that emerged from an old box, with enough date info to place in this timeline. I was rarely dressed formally, so doesn’t look like dinner out with my girlfriend… a mystery! The photo above is from my trip to the National Computer Conference, which I covered for Byte Magazine.

While we’re in 1981… this is a soft-focus flashback to what was probably a date night, complete with cheesy pose holding a twig, gauze disco shirt, and stretch-polyester bells with sharp creases. Excruciating, but I’d risk all that to pilot that young body again! This was a couple of years before taking off on the recumbent bicycle; I had just published the engineering textbook and was now a freelance writer on the conference circuit — a geek dilettante chasing artificial intelligence, online services, robotics, control system design, and women: