Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Mounting the FT-817 Transceiver in an Embedded Application

During the first “Shacktopus” project in 2005 (not the new one), I was integrating a variety of communication, data collection, and audio devices into a backpackable substrate. I put the project on hold to go shut down the old family home, then never got back to it… and now we have smartphones that do almost…

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BEHEMOTH at 1994 ARRL Southwest Division Convention

    Speaker Steve Roberts, N4RVE 1994 ARRL Southwest Division Convention San Diego, California — August 26-28, 1994 The ultimate road warrior, roving researcher and high-tech bicyclist Steve Roberts, N4RVE, of Nomadic Research Labs will tell us about the recumbent bicycle he built, the Big Electronic Human Energized Machine… Only Too Heavy “BEHEMOTH.” Steve’s solar-powered recumbent…

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Bike numbered sections

Life on a Megacycle – QST

This article was written by Kirk Kleinschmidt, NT0Z (long-time amateur-radio columnist and author of Stealth Amateur Radio). He met me on the road in Iowa, and wrote this decidedly atypical piece for the ARRL flagship journal… opening doors for the next two decades as I meet people on the air, mention my history, and hear: …

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Two Meters Aboard the Winnebiko II – 73 Magazine

During the second bike journey, I had an ongoing column in 73 Magazine, which gave me free rein to talk about any bike geekery as long it was at least vaguely radio related. It was kicked off by a cover story, and this first regular piece focused on the most generally useful bit of ham…

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On the Road and On the Air – 73 Amateur Radio

As ham radio became an ever-greater part of my technomadics, I started writing for 73 and other publications. This cover story was a fun one, and the photo was taken by Karen Greene on Sullivan’s Island off the coast of South Carolina. I’m hunkered down with my HP Portable PLUS laptop and the much-loved Ten-Tec…

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