Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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BEHEMOTH photo by Mel Lindstrom

The BEHEMOTH – Bicycling Magazine

The most amazing thing about this article is the photo, which was taken in the Palo Alto studio of Mel Lindstrom. Painting with light, he bid me hold still on a platform in front of a white sweep… then cut the room lights and opened the shutter of a 4×5 camera. He held blue/violet gels…

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Freelance Rider – Bicycling Magazine

It was fun to see how the “mainstream” cycling community reacted to my machines… for folks cognizant of every ounce, the gizmological excesses of Winnebiko II and BEHEMOTH (which Bicycling covered in more detail 3 years later) must have seemed absurd. The press was generally kind, though; it was good PR for bicycle touring, and…

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1988 Bicycling Magazine calendar cover

Winnebiko II in Bicycling Magazine 1988 Calendar

This photo was taken by Janis Miglavs for the Star tabloid in 1986, and was my first appearance as a “calendar boy” during the bike epoch. (The second, a decade later, was in the 1998 calendar produced by CQ Amateur Radio magazine.) I love this photo, which I think was in an Oregon coastal town…

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